Parents Must Read! How to Introducing ATVs to Children?

  • Date 11/10/2016

A lot of children below 12 years of old are finding the joy and enthusiasm that happens with riding a quad. If parents and both of you are riding across sand dunes or rocky area, the kids would be intensely excited with the activity that they cannot wait to be old enough to ride an ATVs. As a parent, you too are excited for the day when your children are mature and ready enough to manage the quad. Although, If this day is in sight, then learn how to introduce your kids to ATVs here.

Get the Perfect Size
First off, you have to consider the size of your child. If you are a devoted rider, you understand very well that bigger quads are faster, heavier and harder to manoeuvre. Therefore skinny and little kids will have lots of trouble managing the larger youth ATVs.

Train to Wearing Safety Gear
At the sight of the vehicle, your children would be so excited that they might jump on the vehicle without any gear. Do not let them ride in the evening just yet. Show them the importance of wearing safety stuff. Ensure your kids are using body protection, a long-sleeved shirt, a helmet gloves, and pants before starting the engine. There are never enough anticipations when it regards to your children safe.

Start Early with Electric Quads
If you are entirely enthusiastic about riding outdoors and you want to start your kids as early as possible, automated quads are available on the market to help your kids build confidence. These quads are battery-powered, incredibly slow and super lightweight. The plan isn't to provide your children with the adrenaline which you like as an adult. By playing with a slow and harmless toy, children will gain necessary skills to ride bigger quads like braking and steering.

Gain Experience with Youth Quads
If your young ones have experience riding a quad, they are ready to control a 50 cc gas motor ATV. This ultra-light youth quad is small with minimum to no suspension. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a governor to manage the quad's top speed. Taking baby moves is necessary to avoid an accident. After a few weeks of riding and you can see the improvement of your kids, you have the option of boosting the maximum speed.

As an added anticipation, safety kill switches connected to a tether are available for small quads. An adult can hold the tether while walking behind the vehicle and should something unexpected happen; a fast pull will stop the quad's engine.

Get Them Ready for Bigger ATVs
When your kids have shown enough skill and knowledge, the subsequent step is to drive to a 70 cc quad. The suggested age for an ATV this size is 13 years of age until your children strike on 16, the recommendation does not change.

At this level, skills and age are significant since these vehicles are faster and thicker, so they're dangerous to people without an ability. Remember, be sure that your children are always wearing safety gear before going on a ride. Lastly, if you are riding as an entire family or a group, don't make the mistake of going too fast. Children will attempt and catch up, and when they do, they might commit failures that could affect to accidents.